Cross Country Final

Three of our children took part in the Cross Country Final held at Cottingham. They had a tough race ahead after loosing one of their team members to illness. The race started well but one of the girls suffered a stitch. She determinedly raced on after a short rest and her team members went back to join her after finishing and they all crossed the finish line together. In the words of one of the spectating parents, “The teamwork, determination, resilience and pure friendship could not have shone brighter and they did the school, themselves and us as parents proud. ” Well done to Ruby, Katy and Maddison.

Cross Country Results

Well done to everyone who competed in the Cross Country event a couple of weeks ago in what only can be described as awful conditions. You will be pleased to know we did ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and won three out of the four team events. So the children who have advanced as part of the winning teams are below. Tonight there is a letter in your bag explaining all the details of the next round so please feel free to contact me.with any queries

Year 3/4 Girls Winning Team:

Ava H, Ruby R, Katy M, Maddison V

Year 3/4 Boys Winning Team:

Joshua T, Theo M, Jack S, Bodhi C

Year 5/6 Boys Winning Team:

Ted M, Oliver W, Leo S, James C

Mr B

Athletics Competition

On Friday the children in KS 2 took part in an athletics competition.  They all enjoyed a variety of events. 
Mrs Wylde, the SSCo for the Hornsea Cluster said…. ‘Please congratulate all the pupils from us. They all listened well and gave great performances.  I was particularly impressed with Mr Mallison’s group, who hardly flinched during a pretty heavy hailstorm!!’

The results for each class are in!
Year 3/4 1st Team:  Group 2 (Molly, Freddie, Lottie, Georgina, Katy, Riley, William, Evie, Liam, James) 

2nd Team: Group 1

3rd Team:  Group 3

Boy Overall: Oliver

Girl Overall: Ruby 

Athletics Competition

Year 4/5 1st Team: Group 2 (Lachlan, Arthur, Alfie, Reuben, Lily, Annabelle, Lily, Lacy, Pippa, Lily) 

2nd Team: Group 1

3rd Team:Group 3

Top Boy Overall: Reuben 

Top Girl Overall: Pippa 

Athletics Competition

Year 6 1st Team: Group 3 (Jack, Seb, Grace, Erin, Chloe, Maddie, Rufus, Daisy, Sarah) 

2nd Team: Group 2

3rd Team: Group 1

Top Boy Overall: Wilf 

Top Girl Overall: Emily 

Athletics Competition

Keepy-Uppy Challenge!!

Good morning Brandesburton! Today I’d like to introduce to you a bit of a challenge for the next two weeks. As you can see by the title it’s called the Keepy-Uppy challenge!! All I want you to do it to try and keep an object in the air either with your body or with some form of equipment for as long as you can!!
Some of the staff have been having a go at school to give you some ideas.

Can you beat any of us?!

So there you go. You can have a go at the challenges we have done or even better show us something new!! What ideas have you got? What different things can you keep in the air?! You can even get your parents involved! See who can keep your chosen item in the air the longest! We can not wait to see your ideas.

Good luck Brandesburton!!


Now for all you keen footballers out there I thought I would set you an incredibly difficult Keepy-Uppy challenge for you and any parents to have a go at. Have a little look at the videos below to find out more.

So there we go Brandesburton. Some PE challenges for you all to have a go at. Good luck and we all can not wait to see your ideas and attempts!

Mr B